Street Athlete Jacket

Street Athlete Jacket


The Street Athelte Jacket is light weight and made for anyone with an active lifestyle. It is Matt black with a black stripe going from the neck down to the wrist and a small white 4Freestyle logo on the right side of the chest.


Color: Matt black  

Fabric: 100% polyester 


COLOR: Black
  • Measurements:

    YL: XS: S: M: L: XL:  
    72,5 cm 75 cm 77,5 cm 80 cm 82,5 cm 85 cm Lenght
    48,5 cm 51 cm 53,5 cm 56 cm 58,5 cm 61 cm Chest
    68,2 cm 69,4 cm 70,6 cm 71,8 cm 73 cm 74,2 cm Sleeve lenght


    Chest = one side, shoulder to shoulder