Off-Pitch FC Jersey

Off-Pitch FC Jersey


Represent our sport with the official Off-Pitch FC jersey by 4Freestyle. The club was estiblished in 2020 and is a part of the Off-Pitch project by 4Freestyle. 


Off-Pitch is a movement and a project that promote and build street and freestyle

football all over the world. Our goal is to facilitate and support local communities to

grow the sport and to build a solid ground for players off the pitch.


Join the club and represent freestyle and street football.

  • Measurements:

    The model height is 192 cm and he is wearing size Large.


        XS S    M L XL XXL  
        73,6cm 75,6 cm 77,6 cm 79,6cm 81,6 cm 83,6 cm Lenght
        57 cm 59 cm 61 cm 63 cm 65 cm 67 cm Chest
        16,5 cm 17 cm 17,5 cm 18 cm 18,5 cm 19 cm Sleeve lenght


    Chest = 2 cm below armhole

  • Specifications:

    - Embroidery Off-Pitch FC logo Left side

    - Printed 4Freestyle logo right side

    - Printed EA Sports logo (main partner)

    - Printed Off-Pitch patch left arm

    - Printed "Palyers off the pitch" design right arm

    - 100% recycled polyester, highly breathable fabric